About Total Tools

Total Tools Pakistan is a professional industrial solution provider offering a wide range of Industrial tools, Hardware supplies, Power Tools, Electrical Equipments, & Hand Tools which started from China and then expanded its wings to the rest of the world. Committed to constantly perfecting its skills and dedicating itself to innovation. Total Tools have built it’s good reputation and earned the respect and affection of its users with outstanding products/ services.

Relying on world class research development and manufacturing capabilities of Total Tools Co Limited, Total Tools develops, designs and produce powerful durable efficient and safe industrial products to meet the rigorous requirements of professional and industrial users. Currently Total Tools have about hundreds of strongly competitive products among major product lines including power tools, hand tools, bench tools, generators, welding machine, air tools, garden tools, water pumps, light construction equipment, measuring tools, safety products, lamps and locksets.

Total Tools motto “One Stop Tools Station” says it all. We strive to provide value for money and quality industrial products, all under one roof at Total Tools Pakistan.We have the vision for satisfying all the needs through one brand. Total Tools Pakistan is committed and focused on core business with a vast experience which not only focuses on quality but strives for excellence in service and support.

Our aim is to provide professional and industrial clients with high quality industrial tools, exemplary service and complete spare parts support. Total Tools Pakistan is the Authorized Distributor for Total Tools Co in Pakistan.We consist a team of highly experienced workers which have an eye on core range of products to provide bestselling industrial products across the Automotive, Industrial and Hardware markets.